Divorce may not be the best solution for your marital problems. Sometimes, however, it’s the only solution.

If you need some advice as to the options which are available to you, take advantage of a free, initial consultation. It would be my pleasure to advise you of your legal rights and provide information necessary in order to assist you in making important decisions.

Some divorce cases are simple. Others may be complex. Whatever your situation may be, I can help because I have handled thousands of divorce cases, both simple and complex, over the years.

In 1980, Pennsylvania became a no-fault divorce state. When both you and your spouse are agreeable to a divorce and there are minimal or no marital assets , you should be able obtain a no-fault divorce for a fee which will enable you to separate without going broke. My entire fee for a quick, no-fault divorce is only $175.00 plus court costs.

Not only did Pennsylvania establish in 1980 the no-fault grounds for a divorce based upon an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, a number of marital claims which did not exist previously were enacted by the State Legislature, including alimony, equitable distribution of property, alimony pending litigation, counsel fees, costs, and expenses.

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