“If there was one good thing that happened to me during my divorce process, it was Att. Leighton Cohen. He walked me through the maze of rules, laws, procedures, protocols, painful process with kindness, understanding, unwavering support and all throughout had such a holistic approach. He didn’t see me as another case, another name in the file. He saw a person and the unique circumstances. Such a rare quality!! Thank you Leighton! I fought for my freedom but the win wouldn’t have been possible without you!” – Ms. Parikh

          “Leighton Cohen solved a very messy divorce between me and my ex-wife. Before coming to him for help, my wife and I had spent thousands of dollars on legal fees. We were both frustrated and disgusted with the whole process. Leighton had mediated a settlement for us in a matter of a few hours. It was amazing how he brought us together with an agreement which we could both live with. He helped us to get on with our lives and remain friends so we could co-parent our children and enjoy life after divorce. I am eternally grateful.” – Rick

          “When I went to Court that day I didn’t think I would be returning home that evening. Leighton Cohen not only helped keep me out of jail, but he encouraged me to clean up my act and become a law abiding, productive citizen. With his understanding and compassion, he gave me hope and motivated me to stay on the right side of the law.” – Dean

          “I didn’t think I would ever get out of debt or be able to start a new life without running away from the debt collectors. Leighton filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for me and, from that time on, I feel like I was able to start living all over again. He explained to me why Bankruptcy is not something to be ashamed of and took me through the whole process in a way that made me feel comfortable and unafraid. Now I’m doing well and know how to avoid the problems which got me into my financial mess in the first place.” – Angie

          “If I ever find myself in a legal bind again, the first one I’ll speak with is Leighton Cohen. He explained to me my rights and options. I feel like he empowered me to make the right decisions with my case and took me through the whole process painlessly. He changed my attitude towards lawyers and the legal system. I can’t thank him enough.” – Kyle K.